Jose Luis Reyes

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Colors, are music to the soul...

I was born in Venezuela and study Architectural Design. Worked for several years with two renowned Architects in Caracas, whom I learned the passion for large constructions and design of high-rise buildings. (Which is where I gain my passion for Cityscape)

A couple of years later I switch into the oil business as my country require more professionals in that industry, but still continued my passion for Art.

I attended many seminars with artists in my country, learning from them techniques in oil, acrylic, and all media. I also learned how to work with clay and wood in order to create my own sculptures, having each one a story behind the piece.

I have also knowledge and studies in the art of photography, which I use to create my works.

Every day I educate myself through expression of paintings with strong colors and bold strokes, my passion has no limits.
The choice of subject matter is diverse ranging from cityscape, seascapes, landscapes to still life in abstract, knives palette, impressionism. Each piece I produce is meant to be an expression of my personality, passion, and interests.

Jose Luis Reyes.